The Jewish Tarot is a unique pack, combining the classical system of the Tarot and the traditions of Judaism. In this deck, the arkans return to their ancient roots and are clothed in stories and images from the Tanach (Old Testament Bible), the Talmud and the Kabbalah.

The Jewish Tarot is a multifaceted system that requires in-depth study, as it is built on exact correspondences between the Arcana, Hebrew letters, the Sefirot tree, the planets and the Zodiac signs in astrology and calendar periods. Nevertheless, beginners will quickly see the simplicity and effectiveness of this predictive tool, since in maps the cards are easily read intuitively. Beginners can begin to work with this deck, but the deeper they penetrate into its secrets, the more unexpectedly the exact results will be obtained.

Jewish Tarot can help students to better understand Kabbalah, get acquainted with ancient religious traditions, to connect together the diverse esoteric knowledge. In advisory practice, this deck helps to clarify issues of business and new projects, personal relationships, as well as spiritual, philosophical and creative searches.

This site will allow you to familiarize yourself with every arcana of the Jewish Tarot.